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Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Trình Bày Trò Chơi:

• In-game coaching, the best way to learn

• Training against past mistakes until they are mastered

• Over 30 detailed lessons for all skill levels

• 4 unique coaches to choose from

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Learn ChesssWith draf (15.4MB)

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Meet Dr. Wolf, The Ideal Chess he explains everything step-by-ins, points out startgic ideas, and alerts you to your mistakelevel, whatever your ambition, Dr. Wolf is the best way to learn and improve your chess game. Remember, even grandmasters were once students.Key features: • Helpful hints just when you need them
• Great for beginners and intermediate players• Friendly, patient, and witty! DR. Wolf Will Coach you for free for 3 Games of Chess that you can appreciate his style of in-game teaching. Then, to continue learning, you can subscribe to Coaching. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf teaches while you play chess, pointing out good moves and bad — both yours and his — and the reasoning behind them. At times, he\’ll Gently Suggest You reconsider a move, or ask a question at a critical moment. Plus, you get unlimitedToo Much to Turn down a good game.
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