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[123 ]


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Death vs Naruto Izawa changed TRình bày trò chơi:

\\\”Dead God vs Naruto\\\” is a horizontal version 2D fighting, always clicking Well -known games with more than 1 million people! \\\”Death VS Naruto\\\” has a rich and diverse character pool, which is easy to get started. Multi -end -of -the -end steps, continuously optimize the balanced character attributes, continue to update new characters, as well as new BUFF mechanisms to give players a excellent game experience!

Tên Death vs Naruto Yize changed
[ 123]Loại Nhập vai
THời Gian Tải XUống
Little nightmare Studio
6.0 ngày xuất bản
liên kết tải xuống
] Google Play
мод меню меню меню : 死神vs火影一泽改 Google Play Death vs Naruto Yize changed MOD Mới

Instant kill: Instant and murder combination use use The techniques can often ensure the hit rate in the instant state.

Forced Defense: Forced the opponent\’s defense skills through a powerful or multiple attack.

Unwilling to fight: Continuous attack suppression and starting or gas collection of no obvious purpose, such as virtual care KJSuppress the hand, return the blade KJ to suppress the hand, Xiaowu KJ suppresss the hand, the curse SJ suppresses the hand, the tea sie SJ gas moves, and the Naruto wu ku gas movement.Skills that can safely suppress the starting or gas collection can be used for unintentional fighting.

Slide: Press J when jumping to the step, and then launch a sudden advancement.

Pre -judgment/Reading: Before the opponent is acting, the opponent\’s next action is pre -judged. The master of the master\’s heart combat is usually strong, and you can grasp the initiative of the battle.

Instant response: Through the front of the opponent\’s skills, the upcoming action of the opponent is a kind of ability that is similar to the theory, and the computers are amazing.

Reaction: A master must have a good response ability through the acting of the opponent\’s current behavior.
Death vs Naruto Izawa changes ảnh chụp trò chơi:

Death VS Naruto Yize Shin (1.8GB) 死神vs火影一泽改(Mod mới) screenshot image 1

死神vs火影一泽改(Mod mới) screenshot image 2

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